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Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine from a new generation

The latest model coffee machine from Genesis is the Genesis Alpha. Cloud based system, smartphone app, availability of software updates and much more.

Automatic commercial coffee machine Genesis Alpha
Automatic commercial coffee machine Genesis Alpha

— 100% The best

Genesis Alpha

Cloud based system, smartphone app, availability of software updates, milk drinks with rich creamy taste and much more.

Frappe machine Genesis Equinox

— Cold Drinks! 

Genesis Equinox

New drinks, new recipes and a whole new frappe machine. And that's just the beginning.

Automatic coffee machine Genesis Prime

— The Perfect compliment!

Genesis Prime

The Genesis Prime coffee machine has innovative software for management, communication and connection to external networks.

Post-mix soft drink/juice dispenser Genesis Solaris

Post-mix Juice Machine!

Genesis Solaris

The post-mix juice dispenser Genesis Solaris offers maximum flexibility in all possible aspects. Enjoy your juice with a touch of a button. And with the integrated Cloud System you know what is happening with the machine at anytime.

Why are we betterfastersafer

Cloud System

Through the genesis cloud system, you can easily monitor various machine statistics.

Complex Solutions

We will solve even the most surprising problem, if any. We take each issue personally.

Professional Team

Our team is trained and can help you at any time. We believe that the right attitude and responsiveness are key to a successful partnership.

Augmented Reality


Visualize our coffee machine models in real time, through your mobile device. The 3D models are in real size and you can check for yourself whether the coffee machine will fit in your place.

Works for Android and iOS.

— 95.6% Happy Clients


We will help your business grow. We have over 10 YEARS experience, we know what is required of our machines. We have over 2,500+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS and are always striving to provide new technology.

Gathering Data

Our experts gather the necessary information for the activity you are developing.


Through the collected information, we begin to plan the best option for you personally.


A team of professionals takes care of you. You don't have to do anything. Installation, maintenance and servicing by our team.


Track your goals with our analytics tools.

The way to start is to stop talking and start acting!

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